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  1. d4tk answered: playing d&d maybe however both are great! although Iv never played d&d but would love to try.
  2. sandshreeeew answered: Combining the two and playing Dark Heresy with your room mates (even though thats not made by black library)
  3. invictvs answered: Both are equally awesome.
  4. digitalbulbblasts answered: playing D & D. WH40K books have some pretty good messages. It’s real life blasphemy:p
  5. aspiringsorcerer answered: Reading is likely less nerdy, regardless of subject. However Spending time with friend and being awesome is a good use of time too!! =)
  6. lil-squiggy answered: one is literature, both are somehow more socialy accepted, so Book is nerdier. D&D is geekier
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